Kung-Fu, Grandmaster* 
Jiang Yu Shan

In Copenhagen 16-20 august 2022

Qigong fundamentals: 16 august 5-8 pm

Medical Qigong:
17-18 august 2-8 pm


Warrior Qigong:
19 august 2-8 pm

20 august 10 am-5 pm

Location all days:
WT Center
Østbanegade nr. 55
2100 Kbh.Ø


Qigong is composed of two words; “Qi” which means life energy and “gong” which means training. Qigong has been developed and refined by warrior monks in China over a period of several thousand years and includes meditation, breathing and body exercises that creates a calm mind, and a strong, healthy body.


Fundamentals of Qigong

495 dkk

Half day workshop

16th aug. 5-8pm 2022

  • The Breath of Mental Power
  • Qi Shower 
  • Three ways of nourishing the Qi
  • Increase your lung capacity
  • Develop your energy center (Dan Tien)
  • Increase your energy
  • Increase mental clarity

Warrior Monk Qigong

3. 495 dkk

2 Day Seminar

19th aug. 2-8pm, 20th aug. 10am-5pm

  • Learn the ancient 18 Lohan Gong set of exercises 
  • Learn Lv. 1 of the ancient Golden Bell - Shaolin Jin Zhong Zhao
  • Exercise anywhere, anytime

  • Increased performance
  • Develop your breathing apparatus 
  • Increase mental focus
  • Increase physical strength



Medical Qigong Education

4. 995 dkk

2 days experiential education

17th aug. 2-8pm & 18th aug. 2-8pm 2022


  • Shaolin Dieh Da Tui Na Anmo:
  • Accupressur
  • Qigong Massage
  • Energy Transfer
  • Ligament adjustment
  • Cupping techniques
  • Facia massage
  • Gua Sha



3 workshops Bundle

7. 985 dkk

Bundle with all 3 workshops

August 16-20th, 2022


Fundamentals of Qigong + Medical Qigong + Warrior Monk Qigong

If you can say yes to these 3 questions, we have a special offer for you:

  • Yes Im into Qigong
  • Yes I want to learn from the best
  • Yes I want to participate in all 3 workshops

    (save 1000 dkk)

"Shaolin Dieh Da Tui Na Anmo" 

On the video below Jiang Yu Shan is demonstrating "Shaolin Diet Da Tai Na Anmo" a traditional healing method from "Hou Quan Men" (monkey fist door)

Meet Jiang Yu Shan 33th Generation Shaolin Grandmaster*

9.Duan Blackbelt - 33. Generation Shaolin master - SpecOps Combat Instructor- Chinese Chiropractic Therapist- All Japan MMA Karate Champion-7.Gold medals Chinese Kung-fu championships.

Jiang Yu Shans childhood name is Hisham Al-Haroun, he was born in Germany to a German mother and a Syrian father. Jiang's Yu Shan father had a movie theater that played martial arts movies which left a big imprint on his young mind.

Ever since he was a small kid he always dreamt of becoming a Shaolin Warrior Monk.

To pursue his childhood dream, he moved to Taiwan in his 20`s, in order to learn real Chinese Kung Fu from the best teachers. Since then he has lived in Taiwan for over 30 years. 

Jiang Yu Shan has mastered several Kung Fu styles to a high degree and got awarded the 9th Duan black belt by the Chinese kung fu association. He is a virtual encyclopedia of internal as well as external methods of Qigong, Neigong and Kung-Fu.

He has won 7 gold medal at the world championship in full contact sanda (Chinese kickboxing) and fought on the Taiwan national team in full contact sanda for 6 years.

He served as a body guard for 3 different presidents of Taiwan, and served as the head drill instructor for the Taiwanese counter terrorism unit for over 10 years.

In Taiwan he learned from 3 Kung-Fu masters from the old generation of masters, they were already in their 80`s at the time, and at that age they were naturally worried that their knowledge of Qigong, Neigong, standing meditation and Kung-fu, would be lost to the world. If they could not find a suitable student they would end up taking their precious knowlege to their grave. It has been a tradition among the old Kung Fu masters to wait for the right student to appear before they would pass on their hard earned knowledge.

After meeting a student with the right potential, the old masters would test the student for a period of time before they finally decided to teach everything they knew to only one selected student in their whole lifetime. Maybe it was ordained by destiny that Jian Yu Shan was present at the right place and the right time to receive this knowledge from the 3 Kung Fu masters of the old generation, for had he not been there, ready and able, we might not have this stream of knowledge available in the world today.  

He has already made public a portion of the knowledge he learned from the 3 old masters,  through his online tutorials on "health and fighting qigong", "grand circle", "internal and external kung fu" etc.

With a little luck (and a lot of hard work) we may see more of the knowledge he learned from the 3 old kung fu masters revealed in the future.

Jiang Yu Shan is a certified practitioner of Chinese medicine in acupressure, cupping and Qigong massage and was the first non Taiwanese to graduate as a chiropractic practitioner certified by the Taiwan chiropractic association.

From his monkey kung fu master he learned the "Shaolin Dieh Da Tui Na Anmo", a method for healing impact injuries, bone setting and other traditional Chinese therapy methods.

This healing method has been kept within the family system of the monkey fist door and has never been revealed to the public before.

* A note to other Kung Fu nerds about the meaning of the titel "Grandmaster". Chinese Kung-Fu is influenced by Confucius's principles of organizing the teacher-student relationship as a family unit. Thus a teacher of Chinese Kung-Fu is called "Shifu" which means "fatherly teacher", often peoble translate "Shifu" into english as "master" a word that does not transmit the same feeling of heart to heart connection, that is implied by the word Shifu.

If you have a Qigong, Neigong or Kung Fu teacher, that person is addressed as "Shifu", now your teachers teacher would in effect become your Kung-Fu "grandfather", in Chinese called "Sigung", peoble often translate  the Chinese word  "Sigung" into english as "Grandmaster", which should be understood as a teacher (Shifu) who has students who themselves have reached the level of Shifu or  "kung fu master", thus the teacher now becomes a grandmaster to his grandstudents. Some kung-fu association also associate the title of "master" or "grandmaster" with the graduation levels operating within their own organisation.


Jiang Yu Shan

Is at present the lineage holder of "Hou Quan Men" (monkey fist door) in Taiwan.

He learned the secrets of the monkey and crane systems of Kung-fu from his Taiwanese master Chen Min Lun (1921-2013). 

In 2002 he became initiated as a Shaolin disciple and received the Shaolin name  
"Shi Yong Shan" (forever mountain). The middel part of the name given to a Shaolin disciple reveals what generation the decibel belongs to. Jiang Yu Shans Shaolin name "Yong" belongs to the 33 generation of Shaolin disciples. 

9th Duan
Gu Quan combat federation

Henning Daverne

began his martial arts training in 1979 and studied several forms of martial arts, he received his 5PG (master level) from Shifu Leung Ting and served as the joint Chief Instructor of Wing Tsun Scandinavia and WT Center for 20 years.

He has been traveling to asia yearly for studies and spiritual retreats over a period of 25 years under the guidance of his spiritual mentor the yogi "Chitrakoot baba". In the field of Warrior Neigong he is presently studying Gu Quan with Jiang Yu San

5th Duan
Chief instructor
Gu Quan Scandinavia 

Catherine Daverne

Is a psychomotor and Craniosacral therapist, she has traveled all over india for her spiritual studies under the guidance of Shri shri 1008 Swami Avdhoot Ji Maharaj and established the company "sacred journeys" to take seekers on spiritual journeys to the Himalaya mountains. She worked as a cook on two Michelin star restaurants and is the author of "compassionate kitchen karma". She is presently  involved in organizing Gu Quan Medical Qigong in Denmark and studying with Jiang Yu San

Gu Quan academy Medical Qigong


Gu means "ancient", Quan means "fist", Gu Quan means "ancient fist" and refers to ancient Kung-Fu systems that contains complete knowledge of medicine, healing, fighting, Iron skills, Qigong, Neigong.

Jiang Yu Shan teaches three systems of ancient fist:
"Hou Quan Men" (monkey fist door)
"Xinyi ba" (Heart-Mind internal fist, a form of internal alchemy) 
"Taiji Quan" (monkey frame “supreme ultimate fist”)